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Presidents' Speech

Tony Orafunam

President Tony Orafunam – Idemili Association, DFW

My special salutes to the Chairman, members of the high table, high chiefs, distinguish guests, ladies and gentlemen. I speak with humility and a deep sense of responsibility as the president of the powerful coalition of nineteen towns registered as “Idemili Association, Dallas/Fort Worth”. I am deeply honored to welcome you to our bi-annual Gala Nite 2008, which we refer to as “Idenite 2008”.

Today is yet another epoch occasion in which we’ve seen an assembly of the noblest ladies and gentlemen in response to a call to mission. A philanthropic and noble mission of raising funds to support educational aspirations of the less privileged children of Idemili people in Nigeria.

In a typically powerful occasion as IDENITE 2008 in which rehearse of Idemili history is essential, it is as hard to be concise as it is tempting to be expository in giving clear understanding to the discourse . The chosen option is to dwarf the genealogical sermon and accelerate the programs at a speed that will not only enable us accomplish our mission, but also fully relax and enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Idemili North and Idemili South local government areas comprise of nineteen towns and located in the heart of Anambra state – Nigeria.Bounded on the north side by the commercial town of Onitsha and on the south side by Njikoka local government area which separates it from the state capital, Awka. It derived its name from the popular Idemili River. Idemili is expansive which accounts for its division into two major local government areas among the 21 local government areas in the state.

Idemili Association, Dallas/Fort Worth is a non-profit organization formed primarily as a rallying point for Idemili indigenes in Dallas/Fort worth Metroplex and dedicated to promotion of our cultural heritage, unity, social exchange and education. It began as a child’s play in the early 90s. First, as an idea conceptualized by a few individuals, evolving from the obscurity of an isolated living room to the pedestal of national prominence. Over the years, Idemili Association has grown in size and we pride ourselves as one of the most formidable Associations in Dallas/Fort Worth. To initiate an idea is one thing, to nurture, remain committed and consistent in sustaining the idea is another. We are strong and shall remain so in years to come. We are not in doubt that we still have brothers and sisters lost in the crowd. The saying is simple but powerful; no true Igbo son or daughter gets lost on a mission. Our door is open to our brothers and sisters, find us, as quickly as you can, and we shall warmly embrace you into our fold. United we stand.

Our overriding objective tonight is to raise funds to support education for the less privileged children of Idemili. We all share a common value for education as an indispensable tool for community development; regrettably, basic education has become a utopian concept for the less privileged children of Idemili. I encourage you to empathize and donate generously to this noble course. We are also here tonight to celebrate our brotherhood and socialize with friends of Idemili in a relaxed atmosphere. We urge all guests to reach out to any Idemili member if you need anything. This occasion promises a sustained flow of entertainment, from the edibles to the cultural displays, dance groups, and the award winning Idemili Masquerade dance.

I will like to use this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to the Chairman Idenite 2008, Sunny Ajumobi and all the members of the planning committee, especially those individuals that transcend their specific responsibilities; the Vice President, Chichi Folorunsho, Teddy Ossy Okonkwo, Gabriel Okafor, and most importantly the ex-president, Okey Asiama. You remain the true pillars of Idemili. I’d also like to acknowledge the contributions of other members of the committee and volunteer team; the Treasurer – Emma Ichu, Norris Anozie, Theodore Udume and Uche Nwabunwanne. Thank you for being part of the success of this year’s Idenite 2008. My tributes to all members of Idemili Association, especially those actively involved in keeping our dreams and aspirations alive. Also worthy of commendation is the Idemili women – the Ada Ides, our visiting mothers and fathers, the Idemili youth wing and all our children that combine as the Idemili network.

To all our guests and organizations, including those that flew from neighboring towns and cities across the state of Texas and beyond, we are deeply grateful for your time and personal discomfort to grace this occasion. As we welcome you, we pray that you have a save journey back home at the end of the occasion. And on a final note, my special thanks to the chairman of this occasion, Chief (Dr.) and Lolo, Andrew Anugwom (Oshimili 1 of Umuowa – Orlu). This is yet another proof that you are the true in-law of Abatete people and Idemili community as a whole. You had a very big family celebration fixed for today, April 12th, arrangements concluded and all bills paid, but on a short notice from Idemili to chair this occasion, you agreed to shift your event, accommodate the inconveniences in order to grace our Idenite 2008. Idemili Association shall forever remain grateful. Once again, thank you very much.

Long live Idemili Association-DFW! Long live all our friends and well wishers! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Long live USA! Thank you all and remain blessed!

Issued by the office of the President – Idemili Association, DFW – April 12, 2008, Copy Right Reserved ©

Uche Nwabunwanne

Ifeatu Onubogu

Mr. Chairman, Members of the High Table, EzeIgbo, and Distinguished guests, we welcome you to IDENITE 2015.

Idemili Association of Dallas/Fort-worth “BU NZUKO UMUNNA” has been going strong for 22 years. We are working hard to contribute to a better future for all Idemili indigenes at home and in diaspora. One area of great need for people at home is in healthcare delivery.

IDEMILI HEALTHCARE INITIATIVE is our project targeted towards providing basic low cost high quality healthcare. This path we are taking is not quick or easy but the right path.

To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

At home, access to healthcare is directly related to your ability to pay upfront even during emergencies. Often people have lab technicians or chemists treat them, instead of doctors, or self medicate to avoid the high cost of healthcare. We want to help, not through blind optimism or wishful thinking in the face of difficulty but through a pragmatic approach to this problem. Our goal is to start Rural Charity Medical Clinics. Medical missions alone can help but are short-term. These clinics will provide a sustained long-term solution which in conjunction with the medical missions will help meet the needs.

Our clinics will be self sustaining. Their primary focus will be on preventive care, management of chronic illnesses (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Arthritis) and public health services such as de-worming and handing out Insecticide treated mosquito nets. Maximum charge per visit will be N1500 (less than $10) which includes one month supply of prescribed medication. The formulary will be stocked with discounted medications purchased through non-profit organizations in the United States to ensure the patients get unadulterated and unexpired drugs.

We ask for your support as we embark on this just, noble and necessary cause.

Thank you,

Ifeatu Onubogu (Mrs.)
President, Idemili Association of Dallas/Fort-worth, Non-profit,IRS,501(c)(3)

Idemili North and South Constituency Representative

Hon. Ifeanyi Ibezi of Abatete.

Anambra State House of Assembly Idemili North

Hon. Nkoli Mmegbuanaeze

Anambra State House of Assembly Idemili South

Hon. Barr Chuks Ezenwune

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