Our Delegates

  • Ide Tony Orafunam, ICAN Treasurer & Idemili President
  • Adaide Ifeatu Onubogu, ICAN Operation Committee Chair
  • Ide Val Marchie, Board Member
  • Adaide Obiamaka Ude (Mrs.), Women Family Affairs Rep
  • Ide Occy Ilodianya
  • Ide Aniago Oyeka
  • Ide Sunny Ajumobi
  • AdaIde Cordelia Nwankwo
  • AdaIde Teresa Achu
  • AdaIde Nkiru Eziakor
  • Mrs Uche Obiorah
  • Ide Patchley Ezigbo
  • AdaIde Chinelo Anugwom
  • AdaIde Evelyn Mezue
  • Mrs Ebele Arinze

Chief Gabe Okoye is the current ICAN General Secretary.
Tony Orafunam is the current ICAN Treasurer.
Val Marchie is a member of the ICAN Board (Non Profit).
Ifeatu Onubogu (Mrs.) is the ICAN Operations Committee Chair.

ICAN website: click here

The ICAN Meetings are held 3rd Saturday of every other month.

Garland Convention Center
1906 E. Miller Rd
Garland, TX 75041
(972) 278-3050

ICAN Meeting

Time:     6PM
Location: 1931 E. Centerville Road, Garland, Texas 75041 USA

  • Saturday January 19, 2019
  • Saturday March 16, 2019
  • Saturday May 19, 2019
  • Saturday July 20, 2019
  • Saturday September 21 2019
  • Saturday November 16, 2019

ICAN Events

Friday July TBD, 2019
Time: 7PM
1931 E. Centerville Road
Garland, Texas 75041

Saturday July TBD, 2019
Health fair
Time: 8AM
Igbo Day
Time: 8PM
1931 E. Centerville Road
Garland, Texas 75041

Organization of Nigerian Nationals

We the people of Nigeria, resident in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, proud of our cultural and linguistic diversity, but aware of the imperative need to achieve unity, solemnly declare and affirm our unshakable determination to cooperate in peace and friendship under one umbrella to be known as ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIAN NATIONALS (ONN).

The aims and objectives of ONN shall be to:
  1. Be the legitimate representative of all Nigerian Nationals in the Dallas/Fort worth area;
  2. Protect the rights of all Nigerian Nationals;
  3. Promote and create unity among all Nigerian Nationals;
  4. Promote understanding and unity among all peoples of African descent;
  5. Promote understanding and unity between Nigerian Nationals and all other peoples;
  6. Promote, propagate and enhance a positive image of Nigeria;
  7. Provide avenues for each individual’s economic development by promoting cooperatives, joint ventures, partnerships, and adventurism.

ONN website: click here

Community Activities

Community service projects require members to step forward. This provides self improvement opportunities in community service and leadership.
  • Volunteer at local nursing homes
  • Volunteer at local soup kitchen
  • Walk-a-thons
  • Medical Missions in Idemili North and South Local Government Areas